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We Are Going To Let Our Light Shine


The late Bumpsie Welch organized the group in 1999. The late Bumpsie Welch managed the group until his homegoing in May of 2003. Bryant Sumter is now managing the group. The other group members are Christopher Shivers, Lewis Lowman and Sam Green.


As a group we believe in being led by God as we praise God through song. It is our determination not to entertain, but instead our focus is to minister through song in order that someone may be blessed through our singing.


The Gospel Redeemers have sang on programs with groups such as The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Canton Spirituals, Lee Williams and The Spiritual QCs, The Williams Brothers, Darrell McFadden and The Disciples, Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson and The Spiritual Voices, Doc McKenzie and The Hi-Lites, The Pilgrim Jubilees, Willie Rogers and The Soul Stirrers, The Swanee Quintet, Robert Blair and The Fantastic Violinaries, Dottie Peoples, Dorothy Norwood, The Sensational Nightingales, The Christianaires, The Jackson Southernaires, Luther Barnes and The Sunset Jubilaires, Damon Little and NuBeginning, The Lighthouse Singers, Lil Willie and The Keynotes, and a host of others.


Since the homegoing Bumpsie, this group is still letting their light shine by singing on different programs such as banquets, gospel programs, concerts, birthday dinners, on TV and at many different venues.


To book this group you can contact the manager Bryant Sumter at 803-518-5725.